A world at war. Or it used to be anyway. These days we just stand on opposite sides of the border and glare real mean-like. I’m not sure anyone really knows what happened to end it, one day we were losing and the next Jasconis blew up- literally in some cases. Ever since then Armengar (that’s us) has been too busy rebuilding to launch much of an offensive and the Jasconans aren’t even sure they have a country to launch an offensive with. Word from out east says things aren’t settled yet though; strange monsters (stranger than usual anyway) are cropping up everywhere, and the scouts say there’s some sort of religious movement happening down south that may cause trouble yet. That’s out of my pay grade though. So here I sit, enjoying the peace while it lasts and glaring all mean-like over the border.

Farn Trallinger, Sergent First Class, First Armenian Infantry

This new batch of students is most intriguing. The School has always taught only the best of the best, those with the most potential, but this group has something far beyond even our usual clientele. It seems as mere children they survived alone in our forest, even when faced against freshly released Shadow Banished, and now after a mere two years with us, they’ve begun to develop the most unusual traits. Reptilian eyes and a tinge to the skin that’s most peculiar. I fear that they will play a great role in things to come, and I am sorry for them for it.

Durian Greybeard, Headmaster of The School and Archmage

The dragons, who once destroyed this land and my home with their greed and avarice, have awoken again. This time, I won’t fail to destroy them utterly.

Ajax, Master Slayer, Bloodseekers


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