Dining in Hell

The party is faced with navigating their way out of the first layer of Hell when they are assaulted by fleeing Devils who are being pursued by a cadre of demons. After rescuing the fleeing devils, the devils offer to guide the party to The Brass Citadel, where Draglusian the pit fiend has taken over (apparently having come to some sort of accord with it’s previous owner Bel). The Brass Citadel itself is under siege by legions of demons and the situation was going poorly until the party arrived and broke a hole in their ranks. This has given Draglusian a significant advantage and may allow him to push the demonic hoard back for a time.

In exchange for his assistance in exiting the Hells, Draglusian requested that the party retrieve a soul that was being transported through the Hells towards Tiamat’s Stronghold. The party agreed to retrieve the soul, but once they arrived, they discovered that the soul was none other than the imprisoned soul of an Exalted dragon by the name of Krynshar- one of the great Draconic heroes of the last war. The party chose not to go through with their deal and instead wandered the Hells until they discovered an entrance on their own. This took longer, but they have successfully escaped the hells.



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