Easy Choices

The party, fresh to their newfound leadership duties, have found even the simplest decisions to be somewhat daunting when others’ lives may pay the price for their choices but every so often a choice comes around with little guilt attached to it.

Two prominent villains (Draglusian the Pit Fiend and Cornelius Burke, President of Sanctuary) have approached the party with requests for them to personally handle some matters of importance to them. Draglusian offered no payment, but indicated that success might be in the groups’ best interests where Cornelius offered to reward them and their organization handsomely.

For Draglusian, a rival Duke of Hell has been providing power to New Valense and its people. He suggested that it might be in the groups best interest to cut that power source off. For Cornelius, a cultist group has begun growing within his nation of Sanctuary, and he feared their influence should they grow much more.

The party, being given the choice between aiding two evils, chose the evil which seemed least likely to be duplicitous given that no reward was offered with the mission to bait them with. Additionally, the opportunity to take down a Duke of Hell was difficult to pass up.

After defeating the Duke near the river styx, it was discovered that the party’s long time traveling companion Shala (the constant aid and friend to Silas) was quite evil and most likely an outsider. Having accidentally discovered this while deep within the second circle of Hell, the party has decided to postpone further investigation until they have negotiated their way out of their current predicament.



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