Physical Description: A very attractive human with a very slight build. Blond hair with glittering silver streaks that look like they were magically added. Bright green eyes. Typically wearing very fine clothing made out of bright silks.

Personality: Generally very cheery and always ready to tell a story (true or… perhaps not so true, though she would never admit that). She has a tendency to exaggerate even simple facts if she thinks it makes a better story. She rarely downright lies in her stories of actual events. Sure, she might fill in a few unknown details… The tiny lizard might become a dragon… But, they are all mostly true.

Background: Her own story is exciting though perhaps not as exciting as her stories make it out to be. She was found, abandoned, by a gypsy caravan as an infant so she knows nothing of her actual origin. Though if you were to ask her, she was kidnapped from a wealthy family and abandoned by her kidnapper when chased by the town guards (Hey, it might be true… after all she was found abandoned in clothing that was distinctly noble). She spent her early years traveling with her adopted family and learning “the family trade”, that is, whatever would pay for whatever they needed. They rarely resorted to downright stealing, but at times it was considered necessary. Mostly they made their living by providing entertainment, selling what crafts they could make, and providing temporary labor for any number of projects.

Lorilee was brilliant as a child, and good at almost everything she tried. She taught herself many things simply by observing others. While most of the other children were off playing what she referred to as “silly games” meaning anything that she did not find immensely interesting, she spent her time reading anything she could get her hands on, and making up stories when she couldn’t find anything to read. By the time she was six she was the star of the shows they put on in the towns they visited. Children and adults alike would watch for hours as she told her stories or danced and sang songs of her own creation.

Even though she loved her adopted family and the joys and trials of the gypsy life she yearned for more. She wanted to know who her family really was, and why she was found abandoned at such a young age. She wanted to have adventures like the characters in her stories. More than anything she wanted to go somewhere where she would fit in. She had never really fit in with her family despite her love for them. They were generally happy to just go along with life as it always was; She was easily bored and found herself often longing to join the nobles’ children at their fancy schools. She was often caught listening at the windows of these schools just to hear a tiny morsel of new information that might occupy her mind for a bit. She even managed to get in the good graces of one of the instructors at one such school and was allowed to sit in the back of the classroom while the children had their instruction. This didn’t last long as word quickly reached the parents ears that the teacher had let a gypsy into the school. The teacher was promptly fired. Lorilee felt horrible for getting the teacher into trouble and went to apologize to her. She brushed it aside and told Lorilee not to worry about her. She said she didn’t even really need the job due to her family’s wealth, but she did it because she enjoyed it. Lorilee spent the afternoon sharing all her stories and experiences with the teacher and went back to the caravan feeling like she had finally met someone who really understood her.

The next day a package arrived for her. A note in the teacher’s neat script said simply “Follow your heart and your imagination” Inside was a beautiful set of clothing, a well bound leather book with nothing written inside, and a eagle feather quill. Lorilee left her family the next day,leaving only a note that she would be back some day but that for now she must follow her dreams.


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