Warren is about 6', 170lbs, with short silver hair and blue eyes. Upon closer inspection, one can see ridges beginning to form under his skin, from the draconic influence that has affected each member of the party.


Favored Soul 13 / Ranger 2 Aasimar (Medium Outsider, Native)
HD: 13d8+2d10 + 60 (Con) + 16 (Feats)(156 HP)

Initiative: 6
Speed: 30
AC = 30 (
7 armor, 2 dex, +3 Shield, +3 Deflection, +5 Natural), touch 15, flat-footed 24
Base Attack/Grapple: +11/

Attack: 2 Blessed Keen Custom Longsword +24 (1d8 + 11)
Full Attack: +2 Blessed Keen Custom Longsword +24/
19/14 (1d8 + 11)
TWF Full Attack: +2 Blessed Keen Custom Longsword +22/
17/12 (1d8 + 11)
Light Shield (
1 spikes) +19 (1d6 + 5)

Special Attacks: Daylight, Celestial Fire (Su) 30’ range, +13 touch attack, 1d6 + 8 fire to an evil target, or 1d6 + 8 healing to a good target, and can only heal a given target once per day.
Special Qualities: Acid Resistance 5, Cold Resistance 10, Electricity Resistance 5, Fire Resistance 10, Sonic Resistance 10

Saves: Fort 15, Ref +14, Will +13
Abilities: Str 26 (28), Dex 10 (14), Con 14 (18), Int 12, Wis 20, Cha 22 (28)
Skills: Heal +9, Diplomacy +18, Spellcraft +17, Stealth +2, Acrobatics +2, Linguistics +2, Knowledge:Religion +9, Knowledge:Geography +4, Perception +8, Survival +15 (
16 for tracking)

Feats: Dragontouched (B), Improved Initiative, Two Weapon Fighting(B), Weapon Focus: Longsword, Improved Toughness, Dragon Hunter(B), Dragon Foe(B), Dragon Hunter Defense(B), Deft Shield(B), Practiced Spellcaster, Leadership, Extend Spell

Favored Enemy: Banished Aberrations (+2 bonus)

Favored Enemy bonus applies to Bluff, Perception, Sense Motive, Survival, to hit, and damage against the creature

Per Day(Infinite Orisons/9/8/8/8/8/5) Base DC 15 + Spell Level
0: Detect Poison, Mending, Resistance, Stabilize, Create Water, Light, Detect Magic, Guidance, Amauneunsis
1: Goodberry, Divine Favor, Shield of Faith, Benign Transposition, Lesser Vigor, Ironguts (+5 alchemical against poison)
2: Lesser Restoration, Deific Vengeance, Sound Burst, Cure Moderate Wounds, Close Wounds, Divine Insight
3: Invisibility Purge, Magic Circle Against Evil, Mass Lesser Vigor, Knight’s Move, Mass Conviction, Energized Shield
4: Sheltered Vitality, Greater Magic Weapon, Divine Power, Recitation, Death Ward
5: Mass Cure Light Wounds, Righteous Might, Voice of the Dragon, True Seeing
6: Heal, Blade Barrier, Bite of the Weretiger


Warren was born a member of the Whiteblood Family and due to the strength of his divine heritage, was groomed for leadership in the Armengar military, almost from birth. Before encountering the rest of the party and being recruited at the School, he had already been training in the ways of leading men.

All the mortal plans for Warren were dashed when the party were first sent to the dream world. When asked what would Warren be willing to give up to fulfill his duty to the world, he gave up his inheritance, his very family name. It was in this same dream world that his blood was infused with divine energy, and he became the world’s first ‘Favored Soul,’ a caster of divine energies who draws power from within, rather than from faith in and the worship of a God.


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